Santa Barbara Composite Squadron 131
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New Cadet Members

Joining The Squadron

  • Attend 3 Cadet Meetings

  • Review requirements with the Commandant of Cadets and Squadron Commander

  • Fill out an application and pay dues

    • National Dues – $49

    • Squadron Dues – $100

Road To Achieving Cadet Airman 

  • Get fitted into a uniform

  • Participate in regular cadet meetings that are held every Tuesday from 6PM-8:30PM

  • Complete the online leadership test

    • Learn to Lead: Chapter 1

  • Complete the physical fitness test

    • See below Cadet Super Chart for standards

  • Complete a review board with the Commandant of Cadets and Cadet Commander

Once you have completed the above requirements you will be given your first stripe.

Once you are a cadet airman you will receive a Cadet Airman Voucher to worth $100 to buy your Blues Uniform.


Cadet Super Chart



Uniform Guides

Male Blues:

Cadet Female Blues:

Cadet BDU:

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