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American Heroes Helicopter Air Show

November 4, 2023, 5:00 AM - 6:00 PM (America/Chicago)

Maj Mary Savage ( )
Hansen Dam Recreation & Sports Complex, 11480 Foothill Blvd Lake View Terrace, CA 91342 (Exit 210 freeway at Osborne exit)





We are still in need of all available cadets and seniors to work this awesome event. 


American Heroes Helicopter Airshow

Hansen Dam Recreation & Sports Complex

11480 Foothill Blvd Lake View Terrace, CA 91342

(Off of the 210 freeway at Osborne, turn west and enter the first open paved driveway on the left)


Saturday November 4, 2023

(One-Day Event)


Event Description 

Scheduled to land on 4 November, 2023 in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, 

This annual admission-free event is unique and features several distinct elements:

 ** AMERICAN HEROES AIR SHOW presents static displays and flight demos to profile and educate the community about the critical role of helicopters in law enforcement, fire service, military, corporate and the media. Focus on aviation related careers.

 ** AMERICAN Anthem Presentation – the community is invited to welcome our newest U.S. citizens when serving & retired members of the U.S. military and others in the community recite their Oath of Allegiance and become U.S. Citizens at a special Naturalization Ceremony during our event 

** CODE3 Career Fair - the community learns about exciting careers in law enforcement, fire service, the military and public service. We provide free presentation space to recruiting teams from public safety, homeland security and the military. Private schools deliver info on their classes in Criminal Justice & Homeland Security.

** ROLLIN’ to the Rescue – witness vintage & restored vehicles from law enforcement, fire service and emergency services. The vehicles arrive CODE 3 with full lights and sirens to kick off our Saturday morning.

 ** FIRST PROMISE Emergency Preparedness Fair offers information and products from private vendors and public agencies for families and businesses to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies, natural disasters and homeland defense incidents.

 ** SAR TEAM1 – Teach your family outdoor safety tactics from Mountain, Urban, Canine, Swiftwater and Military / SWAT Search & Rescue teams who are on scene with technical rope rescues, outdoor family safety tactics, gear layouts and specialized equipment and SAR vehicles. 


Civil Air Patrol / CAP Mission is a critical partner in planning and execution of this event, including:

§   60 cadets and 25 senior members are needed for this event            

§   Site control and landing zone perimeter area security for aircraft operations

§   Uniformed cadets and supervising officers to provide aircraft security and direct crowds away from the LZ during:

§   Normal helicopter arrival ops in the morning and afternoon and during teardown.

§   Color Guard for Naturalization Ceremony

§   CAP recruiting booth / STEM booth / CAP vehicle on display

§   Special aircraft ops that may occur any time during the event.

§   Operations such as emergency response departures / re-arrivals by aircraft or VIP transport into and out of the event.


Personal Safety Requirements

§ All cadets and seniors attending in support of the event must have the following:

. Protective eye wear / goggles, personal supply of sun screen and water container.

§ Cadets and seniors must be in uniform with Orange Safety Vests (Some will be available if you do not have one). Yellow vests are preferred for seniors. 


Event Information

·         All member must be on site, signed in and ready for the air show safety briefing no later than 0630L so must arrive by 0500L.

  • RON (Remain Over Night) is available on Friday evening for those who would rather not drive long distances in the morning. Arrival Friday will be no earlier than 1600 and no later than 2200. Those wishing to RON MUST have it noted on your forms and signed by your commander. Bring sleeping bag, warm jacket, tent, flashlight, and warm clothes to sleep in. Eat before arrival or bring dinner.  Entertainment for the evening will be TOP GUN MAVERICK and some board games. 

·         Dismissal will be around 1700L.

·         Uniform of the day will be ABU’s for cadets and ABU's or other corporate uniform for seniors. NO FLIGHT SUITS WILL BE ALLOWED.

·        Breakfast will only be provided for those who RON Friday night so if you arrive Saturday morning breakfast is your responsibility. Lunch will be provided by the air show staff. 

·         If you have CAP VHF radios or FRS radios, please bring them.

·         Participating squadrons are encouraged to bring recruiting information for their units for the recruiting booth. Units with custom CAP recruiting tents feel free to bring them.


Applications for staff and participants are to be emailed to Maj Savage. CAPF60-81160161 and 163 will be required of all participants.


Those applying for staff should submit a cover letter and CAP resumé ASAP. If you do not apply for staff ahead of time then do not expect a position upon arrival. Positions available are team leader, assistant team leader, cadet safety officer, communications officer, recruiting officer, senior recruiting officer and senior tactical officers. Staff assignments will be assigned the weekend before the activity as there are only a handful of staff applications received at this time. Please spread the word!


All applicants will email to Maj Savage the CAPF60-80 signed by both parents and your squadron commander and then hand-carry your 160, 161, and 163 upon arrival Please remember to include your squadron commander in the email thread when you send in your forms.




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