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Emergency Services Training

Emergency Services Training

Basic Training

As you start in ES (Emergency Services) there are some online course you will need take to get you started with the basics:

  • CAPT 116 General Emergency Services (GES) on AXIS

  • Introductory Communications User Training (ICUT) on AXIS

  • IS-100: Introduction to the Incident Command System, ICS 100 on the FEMA website

  • IS-700: An Introduction to the National Incident Management System on the FEMA website

If you want to work as aircrew or on the ramp:

  • Aircraft Ground Handling on AXIS

  • Aircrew Professionalism on AXIS

Advanced Training

Before you can become fully qualified in a ES specialty, you will also need to take online classes:

  • CAPT 117 ES Continuing Education Part 1 on AXIS

  • CAPT 117 ES Continuing Education Part 2 on AXIS

  • CAPT 117 ES Continuing Education Part 3 on AXIS

Some more advanced specialties may also require:

  • IS-200: Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response, ICS-200 on the FEMA website

  • IS-800: National Response Framework, An Introduction on the FEMA website

  • IS-5: An Introduction to Hazardous Materials on the FEMA website

Specialty Training

In order to train for specific specialty, you will need to get signed off on the Familiarization and Preparation (Fam&Prep) tasks, and afterwards be evaluated on the Advanced tasks during a Search & Rescue Exercise (SAREx). Use the SQTR section of Operations Qualifications application of eServices to find out what tasks are required for each specialty.

You can find the description of each task in the appropriate task guide:

Search & Rescue Exercise (SAREx) and Clinics participation

Participation in SARExes is a requirement to be able to become fully qualified in ES specialties, as well as to maintain currency in such specialties.

Each Group will try to organize a Search & Rescue Exercise (SAREx) every quarter, and you will get an email invitation to signup 1 or 2 months before the event. You are also encouraged to participate in SARExes organized by other groups. You can find the dates, locations, and the Project Officer on WMIRS. Search for:

  • Wing/Region: CA

  • Mission Type: SAR TRAINING,DR TRAINING,FLIGHT CLINIC,sUAS TRAINING (hold the CTRL key to select multiple entries)

  • Mission Status: OPEN,PENDING.

Under Mission Files you will find the request document (CAWG F21), which includes the name of the Project Officer. Reach out to them to request to participate.

In addition, monitor:

Additional material

Non-CAP training/resources

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